Quality Control Unit

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Ed D (candidate), M Ed St; M Dist Ed; Ad Dip HRD Mgt; Dip T (Sec Comm); Dip Trg & Ass Sys; Dip Trg & Dev Mgt; Dip Bus (FLM); Cert IV Trg & Ass; Cert TEFL

As Corporate Leader, Luceille bears the ultimate responsibility for all matters of legislative compliance, including Workplace Safety, Quality, Human Resources and all ASQA Compliance issues. She provides general direction to the Quality Control Unit, which is managed by Stephen Short.

Luceille is also on the Board of Directors. Please see more about Luceille here.

OD ETDP (Dip), OD ETDP (H Cert), CVA (Fac), MMM

Stephen is an excellent Education and Quality Manager, as well as a Training Practitioner with a strong HR background.  He has had considerable experience in research, design and development of learning programs.

Before immigrating to Australia, Stephen was Quality Assurance Manager for the South African Navy, and has had considerable experience liaising with government departments, non-government organizations, industry and academic spheres.

Stephen is one of Workright’s “pracademics” (he is strongly academic and he is strongly practical) – and has designed and developed curriculum to induct engineering undergraduates into the South African Navy as Reserve Force Engineering Officers in the South African Navy; and a range of learning programmes, activities and material in the soft skills domain.  He reviewed and implemented changes to the administration and HR quality management system and designed related standard Operating Procedures, and led a productivity improvement project for the South African Navy..

He has led meetings, designed a communication resources and business communications handbook and designed and implemented a workplace diversity initiative in the very diverse, and often volatile nation of South Africa.

Stephen contributed to the recent expansion of Workright Australia’s scope to include several additional qualifications, including two post-graduate qualifications.  He speaks English and Afrikaans, and has strong verbal and written communication skills and interpersonal skills ideal for his supplementary role in GEM College of International Business (Global), as International Liaison Officer (South Africa).

Ph D [candidate]; M Bus (Org Dynamics & Leadership);  M Psych; Grad Dip Soc Sc; Grad Dip Counselling Psych; Grad Cert Mgt Psych; B A; B Bus (Acct & Mgt); B Bus (HR & Org Dev);

Pamela has been involved with Workright Australia in a range of capacities since 1995.  She has designed and developed some of the educational resources used by Workright Australia (and more recently under the GEM branding) and has delivered training to our executive clients both here and interstate.  Pamela introduced William Mercer HR, to Workright Australia, and it subsequently became a licensee with a customized and merged  solution to its in-house training needs.

Pamela is a Registered Psychologist, a Certified Practising Accountant, an accredited facilitator in MBTI, Margerison-McCann Team Management Systems, Apollo Career Success Profiles, Situational Leadership II, the Leadership Behaviours Profile and the Star Performing Teams Profile.  As a registered psychologist she is also able to administer the 16PF.  Pamela is also a Master NLP Practitioner, and a qualified Workplace Assessor and Trainer.  She has been trained as a Search Conference Manager, Participative Work Redesign facilitator and a Work Mapping Analyst.

Pamela is currently finalising a PhD in the area of coaching to improve the retention, performance and wellbeing of core talent. She holds a Certificate in Biofeedback for Stress Assessment and Stress Management.

Pamela is the CEO of Pentangle, a developer of Mentoring and Coaching programs, which have been successfully in the market for 5 years.  The recent gazetting of competency standards pertaining to Leadership and Mentoring has led the Pentangle/Workright/GEM Team to merge their “pracademic skills” once again.

A presentation has now been prepared by the Quality Control Unit to submit the following qualifications for accreditation:

  • Graduate Diploma in Mentor Systems Management
  • Graduate Diploma of Life Coaching
  • Graduate Certificate in Mentoring and Management
  • Graduate Certificate in Coaching and Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching
  • Diploma of Workplace Mentoring
  • Diploma of Life Coaching

Grad Cert in Mgt (Learning); BA; AUA; Dip T; Dip Trg & Ass Sys; Dip Trg & Dev Mgt; Cert TESOL

Merrill is one of the co-founders of Workright Australia and holds a directorship role in GEM College of International Business (Global).

Merrill served as National Manager of Workright Australia for several years, and had the responsibility for Quality Control throughout the design, development and accreditation of Workright Australia’s four ground breaking accredited qualifications in 1994.

Merrill is gifted in Mathematics, Literature and Music – but is an unassuming, practical woman with a deep concern for the rights of individuals and the care of the disadvantaged.  She is an International Speaker, and has travelled extensively with co-founders of Workright Australia, Elisa Colak and Luceille Outhred, to identify the specific needs of individual learners, corporate groups and educators in China, and several countries in Eastern Europe and Asia.

Merrill undertook her TESOL qualifications in Bournemouth, UK, together with Elisa, and was involved in the implementation of the entrepreneurship program which Workright Australia was licensed under Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business to deliver globally.

With qualifications, and expertise gained in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary education systems, and over 30 years operating a successful Paving and Landscaping business with her husband, Ron, Merrill is another GEM “pracademic”.

In 2000, Merrill returned to the Secondary Schools to focus on the learning requirements of youth.

Working at Murraylands Christian School (South Australia) she served as Deputy Principal from 2013-2015.  In 2016 the school became part of the Tyndale Christian School, and under the new structure Merrill was appointed Director of Learning.

Victor Korobacz has had a long and prestigious career in education. He has considerable expertise in quality assurance, governance, and the Australian Qualifications Framework.
As the principal policy advisor for the South Australian government, and Director Policy for Australian Qualifications Framework, Vic has played a significant role in the establishment of the regulatory architecture and governance arrangements for post-compulsory secondary and tertiary education in Australia.

Victor is also on the Reference Committee. Please see more about Victor here.