GEM College of International Business

GEM College of International Business (GEM) is an innovative, educational institution which has been providing a comprehensive range of training and consultancy services in the areas of Management, Human Resources, Information Technology, Business and Technology Commercialisation to individuals from all sectors of industry, government departments, Non Government Organisations (NGOs) and community groups since 1992.

GEM College provides a wide range of short self paced personal development courses and specialist qualifications, with delivery face-to-face or via e-learning.

GEM provides direct, measurable outcomes for Students and Corporate Clients

Founded as an entrepreneurial educational institution, GEM has been committed to the continuous application of current quantitative and qualitative educational research in the design, development and delivery of education and education management systems, providing direct, measurable outcomes for students and corporate clients alike.

High Quality, Practical Education and Competency Based Training Programs

GEM’s research is integrated into high quality, practical education programs, and competency based training programs in International Trade, Entrepreneurship, Business Management, Human Resources, Administrative Management, WHS/OHSW, Communications, Sales, Marketing and Business Development. Programs and qualifications are available through either face-to-face training, e-learning or Distance Education, or a hybrid of these options.