Commercialisation Services

Managing the commercialisation of a new product or service is a difficult task, even for the most experienced entrepreneur.

At Workright, we help inventors and entrepreneurs throughout Australia to develop their ideas into products – suitable for commercialisation to local and global markets.

Our commercialisation process is divided into four distinct phases – the idea, pre-study, product development, and commercialisation.

Workright services to entities and inventors include:

Workright engages business experts across related industries to assure that supported innovations receive the best product lifecycle support, advice, and development available across our network of business professionals.

  • advice on protection of intellectual property
  • development of business models
  • development of interactive financial models
  • structuring of critical path to market documents
  • introduction to strategic partners
  • market research (in three stages)
  • general management advice and consulting
  • management and personnel recruitment advice
  • introduction to potential investors

Please email and request a call from one of our advisors who can assist you with commercialisation advice, and receive commercialisation methodologies that will suit your specific product or service.