Inventions and Innovation

Over 9000 patents are lodged each year in Australia. However less than 1% of these ever become a purchasable consumer product.
Workright Australia is working “hard and smart” to reverse this statistic.

Workright Australia has assisted several inventors and new entities in seeing the commercialisation of their technologies and/or products. Digislide, which began as an idea, was incubated by Workright, and went on receive national, international and global awards from governments, industry and technology analysts including:

  • Winner “ANZA Hottest Technology Award” 2005 (Silicon Valley, USA)
  • “Top 100 Global Innovator” Guidewire Group, 2006 (Arizona, USA)
  • Finalist World Technology Awards (IT Hardware) 2006 (San Francisco, USA)
  • Winner Secrets of Australian ICT Innovation 2006 (Adelaide, Australia)
  • Finalist Hong Kong Australia Business Awards 2007 (Australia)
  • “50 Captains of Innovation” Stanford Always On, Aug 2007 (Silicon Valley, USA)
  • Nominee for Wall Street Journal’s Asia Pacific Innovation Award Sept 2007 (Singapore)
  • Innovator of The Year-Handheld Projection Technologies, Frost and Sullivan Hand Held Projection 2009 (Singapore)
  • iAWARD (State Winner) for Leisure and Media, July 2010 (Adelaide, Australia)
  • iAWARD (Finalist and National Merit Recognition) for Leisure and Media, August 2010 (Melbourne, Australia)

Spinergy is another innovative company being assisted by Workright. Spinergy generates power by Working With the Earth®. From its core technologies, Spinergy® and HydroSpinergy®, the company is developing a range of new products, processes and services which have domestic, commercial, industrial and infrastructural applications.

Spinergy’s renewable “clean” energy generation technologies provide in situ power to drive instrumentation and telemetry equipment. They are cheaper, safer, easier to install, and more reliable and more robust once in operation. Ideal for smart meters in domestic sites, for commercial agriculture and for large infrastructure pipelines.

Spinergy has also captured overseas attention, with Isle Utilities (UK) selecting the company to present at its Technology Approval Group (TAG) late in 2012.

Spinergy is now approaching commercialization stage.


“Our vision was to be a global pioneer of innovative display technologies” and with the support, encouragement, practical know-how, and invaluable networks that Workright introduced us to, we became just that”
Digislide International Pty Ltd

“Because of Workright, Spinergy is now approaching commercialization. The introduction to their “know how network” has provided us with significant impetus, as well as practical support”
Founder Spinergy Pty Ltd

Workright Australia has the expertise, experience and dedication to guide your business venture to commercialisation. Ask us how by talking to a Workright representative today.