Off-Shore Training

Offshore training to industry groups, employers and commercial providers that has traditionally been offered under the Workright branding, is now offered under the new brand “GEM College of International Business”.

Individuals seeking to undertake training offshore, are most likely to be served by the GEM Online Campus, or through one of the GEM College of International Business (campuses) established by the Global Master Licensor, GEM College of International Business (Global)

Quality commercial training providers, or investors with a strong interest in education and training who would like to be involved in establishing a local GEM College of International Business campus, are now contacting us.

If you’ve got a passion for education and entrepreneurship, you should contact us… and find out what the 7 E’s are!

We have over 1,000 non-accredited short courses available online,for your personal or professional development.Some courses are ideal for school students preparing for the world of work. Others are equally suitable for executives wanting to brush up on knowledge or skills in areas of Budgeting, Risk Management, or the use of a range of IT Software Programs. Visit

Luceille Outhred
Corporate Leader
GEM College of International Business (Global)
Phone:  +61 8 8342 3316