Recognition of Prior Learning

Some people have skills and knowledge that enable them to gain a qualification without completing a standard training program or course. These skills and knowledge may have been gained through some other form of study, formal training, self-tuition, work experience or life experience.

As an RTO, Workright® Australia can formally recognise a student’s existing level of skill and knowledge in two ways:

  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
  • Credit Transfer

Recognition of Prior Learning:

RPL is the acknowledgment of skills and knowledge obtained through:

  • Formal training or study, including courses at school, college, adult education and training programs at work
  • Work experience, including paid and volunteer work
  • Life experience, including skills attained through leisure pursuits such as musical, mechanical or linguistic abilities

RPL recognises this prior knowledge and experience and measures it against the course in which students are enrolled. A student possessing some of the skills and/or knowledge taught in the course may not need to complete all of its units. RPL has many benefits:

  • Students can finish their courses earlier
  • Study loads and costs are reduced
  • The student can take on additional study leading to a second qualification
  • By identifying an individual’s current competencies, RPL can effectively target training requirements

The student needs to provide Workright® Australia with evidence of their prior learning if they wish to have their knowledge and skills recognised under RPL. Workright® Australia will take previous experience and study into account, whether it was achieved in Australia or overseas.

Credit Transfer/Mutual Recognition:

Credit transfer (also referred to as “mutual recognition” or “advanced standing”) allows students to count relevant, successfully completed studies – achieved at TAFE colleges, accredited private providers, professional organisations or enterprises and universities – towards their current course or qualifications.

Credit transfer works in two ways:

  • Students receive credit for units or modules they have previously completed and are exempt from retaking them, therefore reducing the study load.
  • Students are exempt from certain introductory units but are still required to complete the total credit points or hours for the course.

For full details, email and request an RPL application for the qualification you are considering. Pricing is included in the RPL document of each qualification.