Schools for Entrepreneurship

Your school can be a School for Entrepreneurship!

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Forget the “3 R’s” and embrace the “7 E’s”

Your School could become part of the GEM Global Network. Licences are available to Secondary Schools and Colleges that qualify under Workright Australia’s alliance arrangements.

Schools must be committed to developing entrepreneurs … as well as intrapraneurs.

A school may be licensed as a GEM School for Entrepreneurship so they can offer their students courses which lead to qualifications in Sales, Marketing, Sales Management, Marketing Management, Small Business Management, International Trade and Entrepreneurship

Currently, an Australian Secondary School may offer Business Education courses, but the content is likely to be more administrative than entrepreneurial, and the structure is probably more theoretical than practical.

Similarly, students who proceed to university to take degrees in Accounting, Economics, Commerce or Business Management often find  courses are too theoretical, and not sufficiently hands on, or entrepreneurial.  Frustration leads to disillusionment resulting in high drop out rates.
There is significant recent research that shows that Entrepreneurs learn differently from other students. At Workright we recognize there are thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs who are frustrated at school!

Entrepreneurs are important, they are the economic drivers of the world’s economy. It’s frequently not big business that stimulates innovation, but the smart young entrepreneur.
Small Business Managers in Australia generate more than 50% of the employment in the country, and more than 50% of the economic wealth.

Your school can create an entrepreneurial ecosystem in its community.  A School for Entrepreneurship will provide your aspirational entrepreneurs with some very real opportunities, and some very real advantages.  It will provide a viable alternative to VET programs for strongly academic students, with an entrepreneurial gifting, as well as providing for less academically oriented students who may not be interested in the trades, retail, or IT – but who want to get “out there” where the commercial action is. Business in your local community can be served with the training and development they need.

You can increase your school’s revenue, and establish a network that will help your students find employment or identify a suitable mentor.  Your school can become a focal point of commerce in your community, and we provide you with all the tools you need.
A School for Entrepreneurship may offer courses which major on:

  • Small Business Management
  • Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Business Administration
  • Entrepreneurship

For further information or to find out how your training organization can get involved in becoming a School for Entrepreneurship, OR a licensed GEM College of International Business, please email